Can men with disabilities be accommodated?

Although Aravaipa Ranch is not subject to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) we will make every effort within our power to accommodate any man who wishes to experience the MROP. However, you must have basic mobility and sufficient health allowing you to move around, hike, and fast. For questions or concerns email or call our registration coordinator Al Selder at (480) 818-0943.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes. The minimum age for participating in the MROP is 21. There is no maximum age.

Can I attend with friends or relatives?

It is best if you approach this experience as a lone seeker. Fathers and sons are normally not initiated together, nor is this a buddy experience. You may come with siblings or friends but expect to be assigned to a group where you will be anonymous and start from zero together with your group. You will actually find this to be an advantage.

I don’t have a religious affiliation. Can I attend?

We are open to all faith traditions although the MROP is designed to support men on their spiritual journey or provide a foundation to discover their spiritual path.

What time does the program start on April 22nd?

You must arrive at Aravaipa Ranch no earlier than 1:00 PM and no later than 3:00 PM. The MROP is highly experiential – each experience creates the foundation for the next. Therefore, it is extremely important that you arrive on time and stay for the entirety of the program so that you are able to give yourself every opportunity to reap the benefits of the full experience of reflections and continued self-development that the MROP offers. For this reason, late arrivals will not be accommodated.

What time does the program end on April 26th?

We plan to end by 3:00 PM. By submitting an application to attend the MROP you are agreeing to participate in the entire program.

Does Illuman provide transportation to and from the airport?

Round trip transportation from Phoenix to the Aravaipa Canyon Ranch is not included in the cost of the retreat. We will assist in creating car pools from the Phoenix International Airport around 12:00 PM on Wednesday, April 22nd and return to the airport by 6:00 PM on Sunday, April 26th. Details will be a part of the full confirmation package.

What is the cost to attend the MROP?

Total cost to attend the MROP is $495 (meals, lodging, resources and materials). The balance is due by March 31st.

What is the cancellation policy?

Those who cancel by March 31, 2020 will receive a 100% refund less the nonrefundable $50 deposit. Those cancelling after March 31 and before April 10th will receive a 50% refund less the nonrefundable $50 deposit; those who cancel April 10 or later will not be eligible.

Is financial assistance available?

Limited financial assistance is available for partial scholarships to help offset registration fees only. Start the process by registering for the MROP which includes payment of a $50.00 deposit. Your confirmation package will have instructions for applying for financial assistance and a link to our scholarship application. Download the application, fill out the scholarship application and submit it electronically or by mail. If we are not able to provide you with a scholarship and you choose not to attend we will refund your deposit upon receipt of your request.

I prefer to register by mail and pay by check. Can I do that?

Yes you can. Download and print the registration form, complete it and mail with your $50 deposit made out to AZ Males Spirituality to Illuman of Arizona c/o Al Selder, 3351 E Yellowstone Pl, Chandler, AZ 85249. For assistance email or call our registration coordinator Al Selder at (480) 818-0943.

I’m gay. Will I be welcome?

All men are welcome in this sacred and safe space to speak their truth and discern their paths. We will each bring our own insights, anxieties and fears into this kind of intimate, shared experience – all are welcome. In the end, participants will likely find that they are more alike in their longings, hungers, and deepest aspirations than they are different.

I participated in the Illuman MROP several years ago. Can I go through it again?

The Illuman Men’s Rites of Passage is a once in a lifetime experience, therefore, you may not make this initiation rite more than once. Men who have completed an Illuman MROP are invited to register for the INITIATOR or the RETURNING INITIATED MEN (RIM) programs.

To ensure your place in the Men’s Rites of Passage, register no later than March 27, 2020.

What is the deadline to register?

Our registration team will be reviewing your application and will contact you within 10 days to notify you of your status (accepted, waiting list, or determined to be ineligible). If accepted you will receive a letter/email containing further details regarding the MROP along with instructions for completing the required Medical and Travel Forms, as well as instructions for final payment.

How and when will I know if I’ve been accepted into the MROP?

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