Giving Back as Initiated Men


Part of our calling as initiated men is to be generative which means to give back. Three ways to do this is with your prayers, service, and financial support of your region’s activities.

If you can give of your time, you can attend our monthly meetings and/or help or attend our events such as the MROP. The monthly meetings are on the last Wednesday of the month at the Franciscan Renewal Center 5802 E. Lincoln Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85253. The first half of the meeting is to discuss upcoming events and share information from Illuman ( The second half is for drumming and council work. For more information, contact Al Selder at (480) 818-0493 or or send us a message.

Your support in all forms, including prayer, service, and money is met with gratitude and a commitment to honor your gifts by using them well.

Peace and Blessings,

Al Selder

Supporting the MROP

Each region’s signature event is the MROP. Below is a list of some of the items we need to host a MROP. This request is to ask for donations of the items below, money for us to procure these items or information on obtaining these items particularly the larger items such as the 100 cup coffee makers, appliances, and tents.  Your support will allow us to keep the MROP costs lower and enable us to provide more scholarships for men who otherwise would not be able to attend a MROP.


  • New or used Toasters (2 – 4 slice or 1 Conveyor needed) – Used during MROPs and other retreats. 4 slice ($50 donation) or restaurant style Conveyor Toaster ($500 donation). With events of over 50 men, the higher capacity toasters will be a great help.
  • 6 foot folding tables ($40 each donation) (4 needed) – tables would be useful for event administration and food service.
  • Letter size (250 needed) and large envelopes (100 needed) for MROPs – Used for mailings, during the MROP and securing the men’s personal property at the first day of the MROP. ($20 donation)
  • Fool’s gold – The fool’s gold (pyrite or iron pyrite) is broken into smaller pieces to be used during the MROP. ($100 donation)
  • Beer bottle openers – A small item but good to have extra for the final feast.
  • (5 each needed) Body wash, soap and toothpaste – These are placed in the bathrooms for men to use if they did not have their own. (about $20 donation)
  • Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Allegra, artificial tears – ($25 donation)
  • (12) Battery luminaire candles & (36) CR2032 batteries – ($50 donation)
  • (50) Dinner knifes ($15 donation)
  • Ear plugs ($40 donation)
  • Safety Whistles & lanyards – For the men when they go out for their time in the desert. ($30 donation)
  • Assorted office supplies - Paper cutter, (12) Scissors, note pads, blue tape, masking tape, duct tape, (2) staplers, staples, ($50 donation)
  • (6 needed) Candles in glass for council groups ($20 donation)
  • (12 needed) Council rugs ($25 donation)
  • Large tents (4 needed) (about 14x14) – Need to increase the sleeping capacity for the initiated men. Prefer all the tents are the same to ease setup. The desire is for a tent for 6 men with inflatable twin mattresses. ($400 each donation)
  • 40x40 foot area of the sacred space needs tarps or other outdoor material such as turf or carpet. (20X20 foot canvas tarps $250 donation each)
  • (2 needed) 100 coffee makers ($120 donation each)
  • (2 needed) 10-gallon water igloos ($75 donation each)
  • (2 needed) Roasters – This helps to expand the cooking capability for large groups. ($50 donation each)

David, who owns the ranch at Aravaipa, has been very good to our group. One of the challenges at Aravaipa is providing the meals. To help improve this, the ranch could use two new ranges and two refrigerators.

  • (2 needed) 30 inch electric ranges. These will help upgrade the ranch at Aravaipa. Ideally these should be heavy duty. ($500 donation each)
  • (2) 25 cubic foot or larger refrigerators for Aravaipa. These will replace one that is marginal and to add another. ($700 donation each)

You may also consider a full or partial scholarship so a man with financials needs could attend the MROP.

  • $450 full scholarship for one man
  • $225 half scholarship for one man
  • $150 sponsor a MROP team member

If you are able, you could also sponsor a significant part of the MROP such as

  • The Saturday feast for $1000
  • The MROP rituals for $750
  • The sacred space $1500 (Tent rental, chairs, and environment)

Thank you for considering these requests. Please provide recommendations or comments to Al Selder at You can also make donations via our website, or mail a check made out to ‘AZ M.A.L.E.s SPIRITUALITY’ to Al Selder, 3351 E Yellowstone Pl, Chandler, AZ 85249. 

All donations are tax deductible.